Renovations & Installations

Lenco Tile offers both installations and renovations. While an installation is brand new, our renovations cover a full replacement right down to the studs of the walls. New water-resistant sheet rock, new tiles, and new vanities or countertops are installed in a complete renovation of your bathroom or kitchen. We also coordinate with licensed plumbers to replace pipes, toilets, and tubs as needed. Lenco Tile will make sure your new kitchen, bathroom, living room, basement, or other rooms will look brand new to your vision with a complete tile installation or renovation.


Re-grouting is the process of removing old grout, cleaning the tiles and grout lines, and replacing it with new and higher quality grout. New grout is available in thousands of colors. Most re-grouting jobs can be completed in just one day, and will help your bathroom look brand new again.


Re-caulking is the process of taking out old and dirty caulk and replacing it with new caulk. This helps to prevent water from getting behind the tiles and causing damage. This is recommended every 2 years for a bathroom that is used often. Available in many colors, but most of our clients chose white.


Re-coloring is when we paint over your existing grout lines with your choice of color. We use a special grout paint for this that is guaranteed to last for years to come. It is water proof and it gives your bathroom a nice and fresh look. There are thousands of colors available so you can have exactly the look you're going for.

Carpentry, Masonry, & Painting

Our services have expanded to include exterior and interior projects for our clients in need of carpentry, masonry, and painting. Our deck work includes work from the ground up, including footing, framing, flooring, railings, and lights as needed. Sidewalk and patio installation have a huge variety of decorative and beautiful blocks and pavers to choose from. And our painting services cover everything from kitchen cabinets to an entire house exterior. No project is too big or too small for our installation experts.


Our carpentry projects include both large-scale exterior work such as decks, windows, trim & siding. In addition, we can handle all interior carpentry: doors, trim, walls, cabinets & more.


From sidewalks to patios and more, our masonry work is extensive. Our masonry experts can restore an aging installation or bring something new to your yard.


Our high-quality paints in a variety of finishes are the perfect final touch on making your home look its best, whether that's interior or exterior.

Commercial & Residential Licensed & Insured

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